What is XRAI?

XRAI Glass has the ability to transcribe or translate conversations happening around you.

Download the app

You can download the XRAI Glass® mobile app on either iOS or Android.
Once you've installed the app, simply sign-in using one of your existing social logins and start transcribing at the tap of a button.

Start a conversation

Transcribe conversations with XRAI on your device. Then, you have the option to share these transcribed conversations with others or utilize them as your personal note taker.

Languages & Translation

Choose your preferred language for the app's interface and easily translate conversations in up to 10 different spoken languages into your chosen language. Explore the supported languages available in XRAI for a seamless multilingual experience.


Personalize the appearance of subtitles to align with your preferences, from choosing colors to adjusting spacing for words, letters, lines, margins, and more. These themes can be accessed in your Quick Settings menu.

XRAI Assistant

Interact with XRAI's AI assistant to inquire about various topics, request summaries of ongoing transcription sessions, and easily distinguish between different speakers in a conversation.

Notes Management

The notes management feature allows you to effortlessly organize your transcription sessions within the app. You have the flexibility to store, share, or delete notes.