How to set up the AI Assistant

Configure your XRAI Assistant with your GPT Key and experience the natural flow of conversation with AI that's remarkably human-like.

  1. Ensure that your XRAI Glass app is on the latest app version by going to your App store and check for updates.
  2. Open up your XRAI Glass app and go to Settings
  3. Be sure to enable Conversational AI to be able to say "Hey XRAI, tell me about, what is," which is similar to Siri/Alexa. 
  4. Enable Conversational AI chat mode to have a one on one chat with XRAI Glass only without needing to saying "Hey XRAI" for each question/statement. Be sure to not enable this when transcribing or translating conversations with 1+ speakers in the session. 

    Note that Conversational AI needs to be enabled as well to utilize the chat mode.
  5. XRAI Assistant will not work without a GPT Key. Easy enough, you can create your own key following the steps below:

      1. Go to the key symbol that is next to the blank space which will take you to the OpenAI page to retrieve a key. 
      2. Click on sign up.
      3. Login using your Google account.
      4. Click on new secret key.
      5. It will generate a new key and allow you to copy it.
      6. Return back to XRAI Glass.
      7. Reopen the XRAI Glass Settings page and paste it in the 'OpenAI GPT Key section.
      8. XRAI Glass will auto-save the key once you click outside of it.
      9. Unsure if it worked? Go to Vitals and ensure GPT has a green checkmark next to it. 
  6. Learn more here on how to interact with your XRAI Assistant best.
  7. Looking how to set up Speaker Identification, review steps here on how to do this.
If you have any trouble setting this up, please send an email to XRAI Glass Help at and we are happy to help!