Quick settings menu

To make changes to the Settings, Colors, Font, and Spacing, here is how you can access the Quick Settings Menu.
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  1. Spoken Language: Adjust the spoken languages being used around you.
  2. Subtitle Language: Adjust the subtitle language for the transcription to appear in. 
  3. Minimal interface: Removes app's icons to only show subtitles which is ideal for AR glasses, adapters, and video passthrough.
  4. Video passthrough: Use your device's built-in cameras to record a video while transcribing the spoken audio.
  5. Noise cancellation: Useful in noisy environments who want to capture the conversation closest to them without any disturbances.
  6. Selected audio sources: Change  the audio source to capture spoken audio in various settings.

Please be aware that the adjustments made to the following sections below: Colors, Fonts, and Spacing will not be applicable in the AR subtitles.

Colors colorslabel-1

  1. Mode: The app's interface colors will adjust to the light or dark mode
  2. Favorite colors: Most recently used colors by you.
  3. Additional colors: Choose from a wide range of colors that suit your preferences.
  4. Preview

Fonts fontslabels

  1. Size: Adjust the font size of the subtitles with this tool.

  2. Text: Align subtitles to be either: Left, Center, Right, or Justify.

  3. Transform: Change how the words should appear in either capitalized, lowercase, or uppercase

  4. Font weight: Font weight can be used to show bold text or lighter text for contrast.

  5. Preview

Spacing spacinglabels

Spacing: Users have the ability to adjust the spacing of the subtitles based on their preferences:

  1. Words: 0.00 to 2.00
  2. Letters: 0.00 to 0.50
  3. Lines:  0.50 to 2.50
  4. Width: 25% to 100%
  5. Height: 0% to 80%
  6. Margin: 0% to 25%
  7. Preview

Click on the Reset button anytime which will automatically revert the settings back to the original configuration of the app.