Customize Your Subtitle Experience with Quick Settings Tools

Our Quick Settings menu offers a range of customization options to enhance your subtitle experience. You can change the spoken and subtitle language, enable noise cancellation, adjust colors, font sizes, and more.

We are excited to offer you the convenience of easily adjusting your desired settings through the Quick Settings menu, without the need to navigate to the Settings menu within the app. This fantastic feature allows you to effortlessly customize your subtitle experience according to your personal preferences.

Please be aware that the adjustments made to the following sections: Colors, Fonts, and Spacing will not be applicable in the AR experience.


To make changes to the Settings, Colors, Font, and Spacing, here is how you can access the Quick Settings Menu.

Settings View of Setting Options

  1. Spoken Language: This tool allows users to change the spoken language of the video they are watching. This is especially useful for users who are watching videos in a language that they are not familiar with.
  2. Subtitle Language: This tool allows users to change the subtitle language for the transcription to appear in. This is useful for users who are watching videos in a language that they are not familiar with or who prefer to read subtitles in a different language.
  3. Minimal Interface: This feature is designed to minimize the icons and create a clean interface for users who prefer a minimalist look. It is especially useful when using screencast with AR glasses and adapters, or when recording a video with video passthrough.
  4. Video Passthrough: This feature allows users to utilize their device's built-in cameras to record a video while simultaneously transcribing the audio content. It is particularly beneficial for users who want to capture a video while also generating subtitles for the spoken words.
  5. Noise Cancellation: This feature allows users to activate or deactivate noise cancellation, which is beneficial for users in noisy environments who want to capture the conversation closest to them without any disturbances.
  6. Selected Audio Sources: This tool allows users to change the audio source. This is useful for users who are watching videos with multiple audio tracks.


  1. Change App’s Interface Colors: This tool allows users to change the app’s interface colors to their liking. This is useful for users who prefer a specific color scheme.

    1. Mode: The color scheme of the app's interface will automatically adjust to the light or dark mode, depending on the default setting of your device's system.
    2. Favorite Colors: These are the most commonly used colors by XRAI Glass users.
    3. Additional Colors: You have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of colors, including yellow, purple, green, and more. Get creative and have fun exploring different color options that suit your preferences.
    4. Preview: You will be able to preview how the subtitles will appear based on the settings you have chosen, including the minimal interface, dark or light modes, and more. This allows you to find the perfect fit for your preferences.


  1. Change Font Size: Users can easily adjust the font size of the subtitles with this tool. It comes in handy for users who find it challenging to read small subtitles on their devices.

  2. Transcription Alignment: Allows users to change the alignment of the subtitles. This is useful for users who prefer subtitles to be aligned in a specific way: Left, Center, Right, or Justify.

  3. Transform: Users are able to change how the words should appear in either capitalized, lowercase, or uppercase. This is useful for users who prefer a specific text case for their subtitles.

  4. Font Weight: This feature is especially beneficial for users who have a specific preference for the weight of the font. Font weight can be used to create a clear visual hierarchy in the design, whether it's bold text or lighter text. It also helps to create contrast for the viewer.


  1. Spacing: Users have the ability to adjust the spacing of the subtitles based on their preferences for words, letters, lines, width, height, and margin. This feature is particularly helpful for users who have specific spacing preferences. It enables individuals with low vision to easily read the text by increasing the space between lines, words, and letters. Users with dyslexia can also benefit from increased spacing, as it helps improve reading speed. To find the optimal setup for your subtitles, you can utilize the Preview feature.


To restore the default settings for Font and Spacing, simply click on the Reset option located at the bottom of these two sections. This will automatically revert the settings back to the original configuration of the app.