Understanding the vitals screen

The Vitals screen is designed to give you an overview of the app's performance and ensure that it is functioning as intended.

What is the Vitals screen?

The Vitals screen is a dashboard that provides real-time information about the performance of the app on your device. It shows a range of app health checks, including:

  • Backend connection: App Health Check
    • Your app is working properly 
    • Your app experienced a crash, please restart the app
  • Internet Available: It will indicate if you have a reliable Internet Connection
    • Reliable Wi-Fi Connection
    • No Wi-Fi Connection is available
  • Chat GPT: Gives you real-time responses on your Chat GPT configuration
    • Your XRAI Assistant is ready to go
    • There are various reasons why you may be seeing this:
      • Not Available: The third party OpenAI integration is experiencing an outage
      • Not Configured: The OpenAI GPT Key is either invalid with an expired key, out of credits, no key has been inputted, or the key was not filled in correctly
        • More information on how to set up your Chat GPT can be found here.

Why is the Vitals screen important? The Vitals screen is important because it allows our engineering team to monitor the performance of the app in real-time. This means that we can quickly identify any issues or bottlenecks that are affecting the app's stability or speed. For example, if we see that the app is not responding to your personal AI assistant, we can investigate why and make any changes if needed to improve your experience. Similarly, if we see that the app is crashing or becoming unresponsive, we can investigate the cause and fix the issue.

How to access the Vitals screen? To access the Vitals screen, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app on your device
  2. Go to the Settings in the upper right corner
  3. Look for the Vitals in the top right corner
  4. Tap on it to open the Vitals screen

Device Details:

It provides unique identifiers that will help our team locate logs for your particular session.


This allows us to understand how your app is currently set up during that current session.


Below is a summary of your XRAI Glass usage for your account, including the remaining usage before your trial or monthly/yearly subscription renews.

Reset Settings:

  1. Are you still experiencing issues? You can try a soft reset to reset common settings.
  2. If the problem persists, consider performing a hard reset, which will restore all settings to your default values. 

If you continue to have issues, please contact Support and confirm what steps you have tried.

Send Report: 

An agent may ask you to send  report to us. It provides valuable information, helps identify patterns, enables the steps to try and help us replicate the issue if we are able to, and helps prioritize issues.