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Set up on Android

Set up on iOS

Set up your XREAL with Android:

What you need:

  • Your XREAL Air2/Pro/Air (formally known as Nreal)/ Light AR glasses with the included cable
  • Your Android device running on Android 11 or later
  1. Confirm your Device (only applicable if you have a Samsung)
    1. If your phone is running on Android 13: To enter AR mode, please go to Settings, find the Connected devices, select Samsung DeX, turn off "Auto start when HDMI is connected" and "Exit DeX".
    2. If any other Samsung device and you have trouble getting it to load up, and it is stating DEX, be sure to ensure that DEX is disabled in your Settings. Best to search online for 'disabling DEX in [your phone model] and OS version.
  2. Setting up Nebula app
      1. You will need to download and install the Nebula app from the Google Play Store. When you first launch the Nebula app, you will be asked to create an account. You can either create a new account or sign in with your Google account if you already have one.
      1. Permissions: Allow the Nebula app to access your camera and microphone. It's important to allow these, otherwise the AR glasses will not be able to operate.In addition, be sure to stop Android from optimizing the battery usage.
      2. Before proceeding, be sure to click on 'Mine' on the Nebula app and ensure your settings match the screenshot with the Auto Sleep time through disabling Stabilize head follow.

  3. Connect your glasses
    1. Once you've gone through the initial prompts, simply connect your glasses to your Android compatible phone (via the USB-C cable) - you'll then be able to select AR subtitles when using the XRAI Glass app.
      1. Please note that when you plug in the XREAL glasses for the first time or if you haven't used them recently, Nebula will automatically check if the glasses have the latest version installed. It is important to not interrupt the update process to ensure the glasses are up to date.
      2. If you have a Samsung phone, please visit here to ensure HDMI/DEX is disabled.
    2. As soon as this is done, you'll reach the home page of the Nebula app, which will have two options: AR Space and Air Casting. (Both will appear in purple when Nebula and the glasses have properly been connected).

      • In order to open XRAI Glass in AR space, you will need to allow Nebula permission to 'Appear on top.'

        • See video on how to enable this:


      • AR Space enables you experience apps in an immersive 3D space, and is the best way to experience XRAI Glass.
      • Air Casting enables you to mirror your smartphone display to the glasses, either as a full screen or as a side screen.
      • More on what the difference between screen casting and AR can be found here.

For quicker set up for when you plug in the glasses to your phone, follow the steps here. (Changing 'Default Startup Mode' to AR if you plan to use it in AR mode always).

Tip: For AR users, open the Nebula app, select AR space, then launch the XRAI Glass app directly from your glasses inside Nebula's dashboard while wearing them.

If you try to open the XRAI Glass app outside of Nebula, it will not function properly and you won't be able to use it as intended.

In the XRAI Glass app, you will see AR subtitles appear in highlighted once AR Space is activated first in Nebula app. If AR subtitles is appearing greyed, that is due to Nebula's app not being activated first. 

Set up your XREAL with iOS:

What you need:

  • Your XREAL Air2/Pro/Air (formally known as Nreal)/ Light AR glasses with the included cable
  • Your iOS device running on iOS 13.7 or later
  • Phone Compatibility
    • iPhone 15 or newer with USB C port


  1. Set up iOS: You have two options for using XRAI with your XREAL and the Beam: AirPlay or Direct Plug.
    1. AirPlay with XREAL Beam
    1. Direct plug  with iOS devices with USB C port  
      1. Plug the glasses (using the straight end) into your iPhone to instantly mirror your phone's screen onto the glasses.
  1. Open the XRAI Glass app