Set up XRAI on RayNeo AR

Set up XRAI Glass with RayNeo AR wired glasses (TCL NxtWear S/Air 2)

In this article:

Set up on Android

Set up on iOS

Set up your RayNeo with Android:

What you need:

  • Your RayNeo AR glasses with the included cable
  • Your Android device running on Android 11 or later

Set up Instructions:

  1. Confirm your Device (only applicable if you have a Samsung)
    1. If your phone is running on Android 13: To enter AR mode, please go to Settings, find the Connected devices, select Samsung DeX, turn off "Auto start when HDMI is connected" and "Exit DeX".
    2. If any other Samsung device and you have trouble getting it to load up, and it is stating DEX, be sure to ensure that DEX is disabled in your Settings. Best to search online for 'disabling DEX in [your phone model] and OS version.
  2.  Download the RayNeo (TCL) Companion App from the Google Play Store
    1. You'll need to download and install the TCL AR from the Google Play Store.
    2. You will need go into Settings on your phone and allow all permissions as follows in order to activate AR with your glasses.
      • Microphone
      • Camera
      • Hovering App (see below on the prompt you will see when you first set this up)

  3. Set up the Glasses
      1. Open up the XRAI Glass app and go to Settings in the upper right corner to install the XRAI Glass TCL companion app from the Glasses Support section. It will auto download and please proceed with 'Download Anyway.' Do not open this app fully yet once downloaded.
      2. Note: If you experience any issues, be sure to check in your settings to allow downloads from Chrome.
      3. Put on your glasses and plug the glasses into the phone and click on OK to proceed on the prompt below.
      1. Click on the TCL AR app on your phone
      2. The glasses' AR screen will load up to TCL's AR menu while turning the phone's into a remote as it appears below.Screenshot_20230613_172625_TCL AR
      1. While keeping TCL AR app running in the background as you've activated the glasses first in TCL app, then quickly swipe over to TCL XRAI Glass app with the TCL banner as shown below.all three apps
      1. It will show a similar screen as TCL, but then you will be able to access AR subtitles right away once AR subtitles button is highlighted within the TCL XRAI Glass app on your device.Screenshot_20230613_180624_XRAI Glass
    1. If nothing loads on TCL AR or XRAI Glass, force quit all apps. Open TCL AR, ensure it loads, then swipe to open TCL's XRAI Glass app and wait for it to load.

Set up your RayNeo with iOS:

What you need:

  • Your TCL NextWear S or RayNeo Air 2 AR glasses with the cable
  • Your iOS device running on iOS 13.7 or later
    • iPhone 15 or newer with USB C port
  • Adapter options for iOS devices with lightning port:

  1. For Mira Screen Portable Adapter only--Download an additional iOS App to support this adapter, skip to Step 3 for the GOOVIS Wireless Cast set up.
    1. This app will support RayNeo (formally TCL) AR glasses to ensure the glasses receive the latest updates: Mirroring--For Smart Glasses
    2. Set up the Glasses (see video linked above for a full view of the set up)
    3. Ensure your Mira Screen Portable Adapter is fully charged by plugging it into the charger to ensure all green lights come up when you activate the button on the side which will also activate the adapter.
    4. Plug in the iOS cable into middle insert where the iOS end will be plugged into your iOS device.
    5. Plug the glasses into the USB-C with the glasses icon on top located on the adapter.
    6. Plug the lightning end into your iOS phone
    7. The Mirroring will indicate if your glasses' and adapter's firmware are up to date.
  2. GOOVIS Wireless Cast Set Up Steps
    1. Video set up is the same as with Rokid AR glasses, but use your AR glasses to plug into the dock instead
  3. Start Using XRAI Glass
    1. Immediately, you will see in your glasses will load up your phone's current screen via screencasting. Learn more on what screencasting is here.
    2. Open up the XRAI Glass app that you already downloaded/set up to start Subtitles.