How do prescription glasses work?

Some lens companies specialize in providing custom prescription lens inserts that are tailor-made for our compatible augmented reality glasses.

If you need personalized glasses tailored to your unique eye prescription, reach out to the recommended partners associated with each pair of AR glasses. These trusted partners offer complete solutions for all your eyewear requirements.

To make it easy for you, we've included a direct link for each compatible glasses model that highlights the correct insert you need to order.

  1.  XREAL
    1. Air
    2. Air 2
  2.  RayNeo
    1. Air 2
    2. TCL NxtWear S+
    3. TCL NxtWear S
  3.  Rokid
    1. Max
  4. RayNeo X2: More info will be shared as soon as we know more from the manufacturer