How to turn off your phone screen while getting subtitles on your glasses

You may view subtitles and not worry about your phone screen staying on!

There are two ways of ensuring that your phone screen is not lit in dark places such as the theater, or you simply just want to stream the subtitles only to your glasses without any distraction from the phone.

AR Subtitles

In AR subtitles mode, we have a function called 'Hide' which will only work with XRAI Glass's supported AR glasses where you will be able to hide your phone screen while subtitles run inside your glasses' view! A great feature for going to the theater!

Basic Subtitles

See steps below for Samsung phones only in Screencast/Air Cast Mode:

  1. We need to enable DEX in order to be able to turn off the screen and only view the subtitles in the Nreal glasses.
    1. DEX on Samsung is a feature that allows you to use your Samsung phone as a computer. It lets you connect your phone to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse, essentially turning it into a desktop-like computing experience. With DEX, you can access your apps, files, and even run multiple apps at the same time, just like you would on a computer. It's a great tool for people who want to be able to work or play on the go without having to carry around a laptop or desktop computer. Plus, it's a powerful feature that can help you be more productive or entertained.
  2. Pull down the display from the top to access the quick menu
  3. Swipe to locate DEX and enable it 
  4. Now when you plug in the glasses, Nebula will automatically load up
    1. If the AR Space already started up automatically, but sure to click out of it to switch modes back to Air Casting while utilizing DEX otherwise you will experience an error code as DEX cannot be activated when in AR space.

    turning on DEX for screencast_phone screen OFF
  5. Once you are in Air Casting, you will see your phone's screen displayed in your glasses as a mirrored version.

  6. Look at the bottom left for a rectangular symbol and that becomes your trackpad for the Air Casting view.

  7. You will then be able to open up XRAI Glass by going to the Apps icon (multiple dots) and open it from within the Air Casting mode.

  8. Click on Basic subtitles.

  9. Start Subtitles and then go ahead and lock your phone screen, your glasses will continue on subtitling.