Asking my XRAI Assistant questions

Learn all the ways on getting the most out of your XRAI Assistant.

Conversational AI to be able to say "Hey XRAI, tell me about, what is," which is similar to Siri/Alexa. You can have this enabled at all times while conversing with others. You can even ask XRAI to summarize your current session.

You can also ask Hey XRAI questions about your general location. For example, you can ask "Hey XRAI, where's a good burger place nearby?"

Conversational AI chat mode allows you to have a one on one chat with XRAI Glass only without needing to saying "Hey XRAI" for each question. This is best via 1:1 with the app alone.

You can start a chat with XRAI Assistant in the Chat mode by asking a question or stating a command such as:

    1. What is the most popular food in America?
    2. How should I make guacamole?
    3. When is the best time to visit London?
    4. What was my conversation about?
    5. Come up with a song about .... (fill in your own category/word!)

See an example of our own chat with Dan where he utilizes the Conversational AI functionality!